2017.1.10-14. We conducted field works in Akkeshi, Hokkaido, Japan.

Shiomi River is frozen.

The trap is trapped in the ice! Ryo is breaking the ice in the water to collect the trap. Unfortunately, no sticklebacks were caught.

We made a big hole thruough the ice on Hyotan Pond.

We could get stickleback!

Walking on the Bekanbeushi River.

Members of Field trip in 2017 Jan.

2016.11.1-4. Manabu is setting the net in Shiomi River to catch migrating sticklebacks.

We met salmon...

2016.10.17-20. Field trio to Shiomi River.

We are dissecting the sticklebacks in Waterfowl Observation Center.

Members of field trip.

2016.10.13. Pond in the Gifu-keizai University.

2016.7.19-23. We are setting the net in Biwase tidepool to catch descending sticklebacks.

Manau and Ao are setting nets in Shiomi River to catch descending sticklebacks.

New pond in our institute!

Members of filed trip in May 2013

We visited Yamahira Lab in the University of Ryukyus for doing experiments using medaka fish. A big typhoon hit Okinawa and the labwas out of power. But, Asano is dissecting fish with a small flashlight!

Our first GFP-expressing stickleback!

Checking the expression of GFP with a fluorescent dissecting microscope.

Variation in stickleback drawings among stickleback researchers.

Set up for entering into a pond.

Found a new stickleback population!

Kohta is catching sticklebacks like a Japanese legendary creature "Kappa".

Members of a field trip to eastern Hokkaido (2011 December).

Jun is collecting sticklebacks in a stream.

Asano and Seiichi are looking for sticklebacks caught in the net.

Members of a field trip to eastern Hokkaido (photo at Harutori, May 2011).

Jun and Manabu are looking for sticklebacks.

Jun with an artificial stream, which was made for fun at a field station by Manabu, Asano, and Jun.

Members of a field trip to eastern Hokkaido (photo at Hyotan Pond, May 2010).

Tatsuya and Jun are setting traps in a pond in eastern Hokkaido (2010).

Asano is nicely throwing a trap into a pond of western Hokkaido, but no fish were caught (2010).

Seiichi is looking for sticklebacks in a crater lake (2010).

Seiichi, Tomoyuki, and Manabu are conducting a field survey of an endangered stickleback population in a Japanese stream (2010).

A local citizen is explaining about a stickleback habitat to Jun at Otsuchi (2009).

Stickleback Reserve Pond in Gifu-keizai University.


Stickleback Room in the National Institute of Genetics.

Stickleback "Breeding" Room set up in the National Institute of Genetics.

Kitano Lab in the National Institute of Genetics

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